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Here's a quick guide to necklace length styles, what they look like, and what you should wear them with:

Collar: 12 to 13 inches — worn closely around the neck. Looks great with V-necks, boat necks, and off-the-shoulder tops.

Choker: 14 to 16 inches — falls around the base of the neck. Looks beautiful on all types of clothing or necklines.

Princess: 17 to 19 inches — sits just below the collarbone. It's between choker and matinee length. The princess length looks beautiful on all types of attire.

Matinee: 20 to 24 inches — lies between princess and opera length; looks stunning on formal or business attire

When deciding on your new necklace, first think about your wardrobe. Do you want something to wear over your shirt collar or something that will peek out from underneath? Do you need something that will fit over your sweater when it gets chilly outside? Many women opt for longer necklaces in the winter as bulky clothing may require the extra length.

If you’re shopping for a gift, take into account the style of who will be wearing the necklace. It may seem like an obvious point, but if you're buying jewelry as a gift, remember who they are and what they like (and don't like).

At Estella Collection, we believe everyone is unique - both in their bodies and their styles. This is why the majority of our necklaces come with adjustable chains and why we developed our necklace extenders. Wear one necklace multiple ways with our size inclusive options.