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Lightning Bolt Flat Back Stud

$105.00 USD
Bar Length5MM

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Lightning bolts symbolize inner knowing and illumination, long ago said to come from the gods in the heavens, including the Greek god, Zeus, striking down to earth as a metaphysical, spiritual warning. Lightning bolts are considered lucky omens, such as being “struck by lightning” of good fortune and prosperity. Either way, these high-quality 14k gold lightning bolt starter studs are an eye-catching, stylish selection for those who seek a unique look for their freshest ear piercing. Hypoallergenic and non-irritating, these premium 14k gold lightweight, petite gold studs are perfect for your any piercings or can easily be matched with small hoops and studs for neighboring ear holes.

PLEASE NOTE: These earrings are perfect to curate your piercings but If you are using these as starter studs then keep these on for the duration of time that the piercer has suggested. Allow time for your new piercings to heal by keeping these starter studs in the piercing hole they were originally placed. Keeping your piercings clean will help speed up the healing process and reduce any possible infection. These earrings are great for side sleepers.


  • 14k White Gold
  • Designed with high-quality, premium materials

Flat Back Thickness: 1.0mm | Flat Back Length 5mm, 6.5mm, 8mm, 10mm

Note: Studs are suitable for new or existing multiple piercings: Tragus, Cong, Helix, cartilage or lobe piercings

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