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The Estella Story

Our founder, Neeta, had one main goal for her professional career: to always keep creating. A world traveler with a background in the Fine Arts, Neeta was enamored by the architecture, cultures, and fashion she encountered globally. She was especially fascinated and inspired by the way people around the world expressed themselves through their jewelry. These experiences paired with a bold leap of faith led to the birth of Estella. Neeta is proud to design and create original pieces that are ethically sourced, beautifully designed, inspired by the world, and available to all.

What's your story?

The Estella Philosophy

Estella comes from the Latin word for star. At Estella Collection, that’s how we want you to view yourself: brilliant and unique in your own way. We strive to create jewelry that allows you to express your individuality and truest self. Our pieces are made to be comfortable, versatile, and to last a lifetime.

Whether worn around the house, at work, or a cocktail party, our pieces are meant to empower you to shine in every aspect of your multifaceted life.

Estella: for the star in you.

Estella Values

At Estella Collection, we are fueled by an unquenchable creative thirst and a desire for excellence in all that we create.

We are wholly owned and operated by women. We believe that when you choose to empower one woman, you can empower entire communities. Committed to women, we additionally donate 10% of our profits to commit2change, a mission-driven non-profit that helps educate, empower women in need.