Our Story

With a background in Fine Arts, our founder, Neeta, only had one goal for her professional career: to keep creating. As she moved from country to country and from city to city, she was inspired by the people and the fashion she encountered at each location. The culmination of these aspects of her life lead to the idea of Estella. And though her humble beginning was out of her garage, she was still proud to grasp the opportunity to design and create original pieces by women for women, and to build Estella Collection to what it is today.

Our Philosophy

"Estella" was derived from the Old French form of the Latin word "stella," meaning "star." That’s how we at Estella Collection view every woman: brilliant and unique in their own way. We strive to create fine fashion jewelry so that each woman can express her individuality through our unique designs. Whether worn around the house, at work, or even at a cocktail party, our pieces are meant to empower women in all aspects of her life.

Our Values

At Estella, we believe that when you choose to empower one woman, you can empower entire communities. Ever committed to this cause, we donate 10% of our profits to commit2change, a mission-driven non-profit that helps educate, empower a woman in need.