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Heal Faster: The Only Guide You'll Ever Need for Ear Piercing Care

Let’s be real; getting your ears pierced is pretty much a rite of passage. Whether it's a decision fueled by the desire to don some fabulous earrings from the Estella Collection or just a personal milestone, piercing is one of those tiny acts of self-expression that feels exciting and, yes, a bit rebellious. But amidst the thrill, ear piercing care becomes the unsung hero of this whole adventure. Taking proper care of your new sparkly studs not only ensures your piercing heals perfectly but also keeps you ready to rock any earring with confidence. So, how to take care of a new piercing, you ask? Grab a cup of your favorite brew and settle in; we've got the deets and some dazzling suggestions to adorn your newly pierced ears once they're all healed.

1. Cleanliness is Next to Sparkliness

The cornerstone of ear piercing care is keeping the area clean. Twice a day, cleanse the piercing with a saline solution or a gentle, fragrance-free soap. Pro tip: Estella Collection’s dainty Gold Hoop Earrings are perfect for those looking for easy-to-maintain options post-healing, with materials that are as kind to your skin as they are glamorous.

2. Hands Off, Glam On

We get it, it's new and exciting, and you want to touch it. But the golden rule of how to take care of a new piercing is to avoid unnecessary fiddling. Hands carry bacteria, and touching your piercing can introduce germs to the open wound. If you must touch your piercing (like during cleaning), ensure your hands are washed thoroughly first. Instead, focus your attention on planning your future earring lineup, like Estella Collection’s Sparkling Diamond Studs that promise to be a conversation starter.

3. Keep It Simple

In the early stages of healing, simplicity is key. Opt for studs or small hoops that don’t weigh down or pull on your new piercing. Estella Collection’s Minimalist Studs are not only comfortable but add just the right amount of shine to every outfit, ensuring your ear piercing care routine isn't complicated by heavy, intricate designs.

4. Sleeping Beauty

How you sleep matters in the ear piercing care journey. Try to sleep on your back or on the opposite side of your new piercing to avoid pressure and irritation. Consider swapping out your pillowcase for a silk or satin one to reduce friction and keep your piercing happy while you dream of your next jewelry addition from Estella Collection.

5. When In Doubt, Check It Out

Lastly, knowing how to take care of a new piercing means recognizing when to seek professional advice. If you notice excessive redness, swelling, or discharge, it’s time to consult a professional. Keep in mind, a well-cared-for piercing is your ticket to a vast new world of stunning earrings, like the eye-catching Gemstone Drop Earrings from Estella Collection, ready to grace your ears at any occasion.

Caring for your new piercing is akin to nurturing a budding relationship—it requires attention, patience, and a sprinkle of love (in the form of gorgeous earrings). With these tips and tricks for ear piercing care and how to take care of a new piercing, you're all set to embark on a journey of healing and self-expression, adorned with pieces that reflect your unique style. Explore the Estella Collection for earrings that not only complement your healing journey but celebrate your individuality with every wear.

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