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Helix Piercing Guide

A helix piercing is any piercing made along the upper and outside cartilage ridge of the ear. A standard helix pierces through the outer upper cartilage, a forward helix pierces above the daith (the fold of cartilage above your ear canal), and an antihelix pierces the cartilage right above the lobe (the fleshy part of the bottom of the ear).

Estella Collection helix piercing studs and hoops are solid 14k gold, hypoallergenic, and perfect for the upper ear cartilage. They're so lightweight and comfortable you’ll forget they’re there until someone asks where you got them! 

What kind of earrings can I wear in my helix piercing? 

You can wear a variety of earrings in the versatile helix piercing. While helix piercings are traditionally adorned with small hoop earrings, like huggies, flat back earrings in smaller post sizes (5mm - 6.5mm) will also work based on your anatomy. 

What size earring will fit my helix piercing? 

Helix piercings tend to be small and require shorter posts. For most folks, we recommend purchasing Estella flat backs in 5mm or 6.5mm and Estella hoops in 5mm or 7mm. If you have any questions, please shoot us a message, refer to your own anatomy, previously owned jewelry, or visit a local piercer for further guidance. 

How do I measure my helix piercing?

You can measure the post of any earrings that currently work for your helix, or visit a local piercer who will be able to guide you further. 

How long should I wait to switch jewelry in my new helix piercing? 

It typically takes 6-9 months for a helix piercing to heal, but it can take longer for some people. You'll know your ear is healed when pain, discharge, swelling, and/or redness goes away.

How do I change out my helix earring? 

Depending on the kind of earring you’re removing, and replacing it with, see below:

Internally Threaded Flat Back 

To Remove: Hold the back of the earring firmly, and twist the head piece to loosen and remove it from your ear.

To Wear: Insert the flat back from the backside of your piercing, then fit and tighten the head (front piece) until snug, but not tight. 

Butterfly Back 

To Remove: Hold the head of your earring (front piece) as you unscrew the butterfly back. 

To Wear: Insert the head of your earring through your piercing, then screw the back on to fasten. 

Latch Back

To Remove: Gently lift the post from its latch, you’ll feel a click as it opens. Remove from piercing.

To Wear: Gently insert the hoop’s post through your piercing, and gently fit it into the latch. You’ll feel a small click assuring you your earring is secure.

Lever Back

To Remove: Gently pull apart at the hinge, the curved post will come apart from its catch. Remove from piercing.

To Wear: Thread the curved post through your piercing and then gently shut the latch back at its hinge. 


To Remove: Gently pull the front and back piece of your hoop away from each other, and find your huggie open up. 

To Wear: Gently thread the post through your piercing, fit the post into the back piece and pinch to shut. You’ll feel a small click assuring you your earring is secure.

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