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Fine Jewelry for Fall | Elevate Your Style | Estella Collection

The crisp autumn breeze is upon us and as we glide through the first official week of Fall, we’re looking forward to styling our latest jewelry collections with our newest sweater wardrobe!


Layering is by far the hottest jewelry trend this season. With sweater weather and bootie season, comes the chance to stack up those jewels to make an even bigger statement. Bloggers and celebrities worldwide have been adorning solid gold chains and pairing them with delicate link chain necklaces and personalized initial name necklaces. At Estella, our gold chains come in 14k solid gold, with a style so timeless it will transcend seasons. 


 It’s time to leave behind those summer baubles and embrace the trending gold chains. And if you want to splurge, now’s the time to invest in a name or initial necklace. Dainty and elegant, Estella’s bespoke 14k gold initial or name necklaces can be personalized with or without diamonds, and include your name, initials, birth or anniversary date or your furry friend’s name or birthdate, the options are endless!  

Layering need not be limited to necklaces. You can bring the same creativity to bracelets and rings and elevate your entire look! Stacked bracelets are great for Fall, when we break out our three-quarter-length sleeves. A chain-link bracelet looks amazing with a diamond tennis bracelet, an initial bracelet and gold bangles. Remember to keep it dainty and classic while layering. 


Precious and semi-precious stones are another trend at the forefront this Fall. You can incorporate them in your necklace, earrings, rings or bracelets and even go one step further and match them to your outfit! Have fun styling your Fall looks with the stone’s unique color and shade, contrast or match it with your look, there are no rules! 

In the world of earrings, we’re seeing multiple piercings are all the rage! Whether you have 2 piercings or 5, the key is to make your first earring your hero piece, followed by accessorizing with dainty hoops, tiny stones or simple gold studs.


Mixing metals is another great craze this season, gone are the days when we stuck to one. Necklaces, bracelets, rings – as you layer, feel free to mix metals. Yellow gold necklaces paired with rose and yellow gold rings and white gold bracelets, you bet!

To round up, have fun with your jewelry this Fall! Invest in key pieces that are delicate and those you can stack up together. Wear them all at once, one at a time or two at a time, the versatility lies in styling and making them uniquely you. Plus, your investment in these fine pieces will go a long way when each time you wear them, they look uniquely different. 


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