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Ear Piercings For Your Unique Style | Elevate Your Style | Estella Collection

Whether you are planning to get your very first ear piercing in 2022 or add to the piercings you already have for a refreshed look that is right on-trend, there are so many different piercings to select from that offer a unique statement style. From various cartilage or earlobe placements, ear piercings provide an exciting way of expressing yourself every day.

Getting your ear piercing at the mall is a thing of the past. Exciting, contemporary methods of piercings offer a limitless variety of ear-piercing earrings that will seamlessly blend with your personality. You no longer have to choose from shapes, styles, and colors that are considered “standard” for ear piercings. Now, you have the option of choosing from an array of metal earrings, sparkling stones, and designs that suit your specifications. Show off your gorgeous new earrings and piercings that suit your taste because there are many safe options available.

This blog post will offer an informative introduction to the modern styles of ear piercings that are easy to get and safe to enjoy for years to come.


Snakebites are two holes set very close together on the earlobe or cartilage. The appearance of these holes gives it the “snakebite effect.” This type of ear piercing is popular with celebrities and social media influencers and is the perfect selection for those who want multiple piercings. Pair this double piercing with hoops or studs on neighboring ear holes for a highly accessorized appearance, if desired.

Care for Snakebite Earrings

Because this piercing uses two earrings and covers more of the ear, it is important to take care of your new snakebite earring by keeping it clean. The two holes placed together may result in swelling and irritation, so extra caution is needed. It is advised not to sleep on that side for a few weeks after you get your new snakebite earring. Rinsing the area with saline several times a day will help your piercing to heal properly.

Earring Suggestions for Snakebites Piercing

Sparkling gemstone earrings are perfect for this type of earring. Small studs that feature shiny stars, hearts, or crescent moons, for example, are also suitable as long as they are petite.


The tragus piercing is one of the hottest new ear piercings on the market. This piercing is set on the thick part of the cartilage that is close to the face, laying next to the cheek/jawbone. This piercing is the perfect selection for those who want a unique piercing that can be paired with other piercings on the ear.

Care for Tragus Piercings

Because of the placement of this cartilage ear piercing, it may take up to a full year to heal. The tragus piercing should be cleaned at least twice a day with saline. This extra care will help it stay free of infection.

Earring Suggestions for Tragus Piercing

A stud earring is suitable for this type of piercing. Choose from a large variety of gold and silver studs that have a petite design or single sparkling stone. Because this earring will stay in place for up to a year, selecting a high-quality premium stud earring is advisable. Birthstones, animal totems, or celestial designs are some of the options that would be compatible with this ear piercing.

Tragus ear piercings are set away from other piercings on the ear. This makes it easy for mixing and matching with neighboring ear holes with hoops, studs, or dangle earrings.


The conch piercing resembles an ear cuff. The conch piercing cuffs the outer part of the ear on the cartilage and is set on the exterior middle area of the ear. This ear piercing requires a hoop to cover this area. Trendy and super-popular, the conch piercing is the ultimate new piercing for those who love to stack a variety of earrings together for a highly accessorized appearance.

There are two kinds of conch piercings: one on the outer ear canal and one on the inner canal.

Rock Stars of the 1990s made this type of ear piercing popular. The conch piercing has seen a resurgence in recent years because it is so eye-catching.

Care for Conch Piercings

Since conch piercings are set on the cartilage and the outside of the ear, extra care must be taken so the earring is not knocked or bumped when it is healing. This piercing must be cleaned at least twice a day with saline.

Earring Suggestions for Conch Piercings

Hoops are the type of earring used for conch piercings. Choose from a large variety of metals and cuff widths that are suitable for this style of piercing. Silver, rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold are all great options for conch piercings. A simple sparkling stone or pattern/design on the hoop also makes fantastic choices for your brand-new conch piercing.


Known as one of the more “challenging piercings,” the Daith piercing requires a hoop. It is placed on the interior of the ear and the most inner part of the cartilage. The Daith piercing gives off a “punk” or “edgy” vibe with its unique location on the ear.

Because the Daith piercing is in a precarious part of the ear, a professional must pierce the ear for it to be done safely. 

Care of Daith Piercings

The Daith piercing is situated inside the fold of the ears. This location makes it difficult to clean. The Daith piercing may take up to 6 months to heal and must be well taken care of due to its placement. Clean the Daith piercing at least twice a day with saline helps it to heal quicker and prevent infections.

Earring Suggestions for Daith Piercings

Selecting your favorite color of gold or silver hoop is easy. This slender hoop will complement your other piercings because of its location.  Gold earrings are the ultimate selection because they are hypoallergenic.

Floating Cartilage

The floating cartilage is an area of the ear that can have a variety of piercings. Because of the location and shape, this part of the ear can have multiple earrings at the same time, including snakebites, hoops, and studs. This area of the ear is flat, which allows it to display all of your piercings properly in a complementary way that is comfortable.

Floating Cartilage Earring Suggestions

Pair small studs and hoops together by placing multiple mini hoop earrings in a row for a different look each time. Sparkling stone solitaire studs and slender hoops crafted of a variety of metals are some of the endless variety of styles you can mix and match.


These fashionable earrings are placed along the cartilage upper ear area on the outer edge. Because of this placement, getting the helix piercing may cause pain and discomfort.

There are a variety of different helix piercings, including outer cartilage, double, triple, or forward piercing. The helix piercing has become popularized with pop singers like Rihanna, who has multiple helix piercings.

Caring for Helix Piercings

The helix piercing may take time to heal because of its position on the cartilage. Cleaning it twice a day with saline will help prevent infection and irritation.

Earrings Suggestions Helix Piercing 

Small ball studs or hoops can be worn in helix piercings. Hoops adorned with tiny stones and barbell style earrings can also accommodate the width and placement of ear piercings.


The earlobes are the most common area of the ear to have piercings. The earlobes can have multiple piercings in succession or a single piercing for an understated style.  Placing each piercing in an even row amplifies the beauty of the earring next to it, creating a curated look that is unique just for you. 

Ear Piercings for Earlobes

Each person’s earlobes have a unique shape and length, which makes the display of multiple earrings on this part of the earring vary greatly. Someone who has three holes on the earlobe may look different than you if you have the same number of piercings, for example. Analyzing the shape of your earlobe will allow you to choose the number of piercings or placement of piercings that are most complimentary to you.

Earring Suggestions for Earlobes Piercings

Some metals contain alloys that cause allergic reactions. Alloy metals such as nickel and tin are the root cause of many discomforts that will prolong the healing process for new piercings. Doing research and inquiring about the metal composition is an important part of the process of getting a new ear piercing. This will allow your piercing to heal properly without discomfort and infections.

Allergies for Ear Piercings

Some metals contain alloys that cause allergic reactions. Alloy metals such as nickel and tin are the root cause of many discomforts that will prolong the healing process for new piercings. Doing research and inquiring about the metal composition is an important part of the process of getting a new ear piercing. This will allow your piercing to heal properly without discomfort and infections.

Gold for Your New Ear Piercing

Gold is the ultimate choice for a new ear piercing. Gold is hypoallergenic, free of toxic metals and other irritating components that may lead to infection and prolong the healing of the piercing. Gold is one of the safest choices for a new piercing and will withstand the test of time it is worn. Durable and soft on the skin, gold will stay looking beautiful when it is cared for properly.

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