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5 Mistakes to Avoid While Shopping for an Engagement Ring | Engagement Rings | Estella Collection

“Ahh! The time has come to express my love and commitment to my beloved. Well, when I decided to finally plan my ‘oh so perfect proposal’ I ended up in frustration. The major obstacle was my inexperience as I didn’t know where to begin. The whole process has been quite overwhelming yet enjoyable - after all, it is ‘one of a kind’ for ‘one of your kind.’” 

As this is your first and only time buying an engagement ring, it’s easy to make mistakes. You should look at all the options carefully without compromising on what you want. So, here are some pearls of wisdom from some experienced folks that will save you from making some serious mistakes.

1. Know Your Budget

The process should start with clarity on affordability. Either keeping a chunk aside for this investment or knowing what you will be able to pay monthly will establish what you should be looking for. With this knowledge in mind, the process of shopping and researching will become easier and more enjoyable.

2. Don’t ‘Ring’ in Haste!

Fast is fine, yet it is probably better to give time and serious thought if you are making an important decision, be it buying a house, a car, or a lifetime symbol of love - a diamond ring. Time spent on research will help you understand the difference between quality and the variety available in the market. Moreover, taking appropriate time while selecting a ring will allow you to be able to pay attention to what styles and qualities suit your beloved.

3. A Little Knowledge is Dangerous

You may have come across this statement many times, as it applies to all walks of life – especially when buying an engagement ring. Little knowledge is not going to take you far, and many guys make the mistake of not learning the nuances of different stones. In order to choose the best engagement ring for your beloved, it is important to know everything about stones so you can buy a superior quality stone at the right price. You can hone your knowledge by researching online and working with the jewelers.

4. Assign Most Value to Her Style

After all, she will be the one displaying your love on her finger. Hopefully, you already know her well enough to know what her style is - whether she is a classic kind of a girl or someone who likes things to be a little flashy. The answer could be a diamond on a simple gold band or a big stylized ring with the halo or side stones or anything in between. As her partner in crime, it may be as easy as simply checking with her what her perfect style is.

5. Custom Rings Will Not Rip You Off!

If you aren't happy with the options you have on display, it’s time to go for celebrity engagement rings. The biggest mistake guys make is not considering custom rings. Different custom design services will charge you a price, but it will be worth it at the end as with a custom ring, you can create something very personal and unique.  

An engagement ring is the first step towards the most important day of your life – your wedding - and it symbolizes your commitment to spending your life together with someone very special. So, start with the best foot forward and step into the new phase of your life full of confidence and love.

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