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Looking for a perfect ring to propose? What to know before you make a purchase.

Found the perfect girl? Ready to pop the question? Get ready for the most exciting (read: expensive) purchase of your life. $15B in raw diamonds are mined each year. Wanna get in on it? Here’s what you should know:

Those 4Cs

Carat, Cut, Color, and Clarity


Size does matter. The average engagement ring is one carat. The cost will obviously increase as this C does, but here’s how you’ll measure up.


The cut of a diamond plays an important role in selecting the best diamond. The term cut technically refers to the number of facets on a diamond. The number of cuts will change the brilliance of a diamond (ie how shiny that thing is).

Different diamond shapes require different cuts! Here are some popular shapes:


Round cut diamonds are usually the most expensive one.. round diamonds produce more “wastage” during the cutting process.



Diamonds are color-graded from colorless to a yellowish tint. Colorless diamonds are the most expensive. They’re the rarest to mine.



A large majority of the diamonds out there will contain flaws. No two diamonds are the same. These “flaws” give a diamond its character, its uniqueness. Two major industry credited charts would show diamond grading something like this:

Final Thoughts

All of these characteristics determine the price of a diamond. Cleaner with fewer flaws and more cuts will be pricier… but hey, it’s a lifetime investment.

Okay… let’s talk budget.

The average rule of thumb is three months' salary. No judgment if you spend more or less. It’s all personal.

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